Toronto's Borrowed Hotel​
Jan - May 2021

About the Work

The hotel unifies  the existing building with added forms that are indicative from different points of architectural interest around the city of Toronto. The design is meant to be a “map” for tourists to provide reference of compelling architectural forms. The interior will consist of forms, colours, shapes, materials etc. plagiarized from Toronto and then transformed and integrated throughout all aspects of our hotel.  ​

Factors to Consider 

Only 25% of the exterior could be renovated

The site is surrounded by several significant landmarks

Team members

Sara B., Sara M., Rand A.


Lobby and Bedrooms Interior Design / Renderings




Angular/ Sharp characteristics ​

Metal and glass ​



Curvilinear forms ​

Wood material ​

Spiral/ Organic 

Ripley's Aquarium​

Oceanic affect​

Diffused light​

Flowing characteristics

CN Tower

Tilted windows​

Highest point of structure

Colourful lighting

ROM - 2 Queen Bedroom

AGO - Family Suite

Ripley's - King Bedroom

CN T - Penthouse Suite

2nd Floor Hotel Restaurant 


Site and Floor Plans




Using Format